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Duckitt Chardonnay Pinot Noir 2013
This wine has a wonderful floral nose with a balanced acidityand long lingering finish, it is a wine that can be enjoyed at any occasion.
Cloof Shiraz 2012
Grown in vineyards that have been described as “Shiraz Heaven”, this wine’s luscious fruit was accessorized with the very best French Oak.
Vivacious Viognier 2014
Viognier grapes make the world's most exuberantly flavoured whites. Viognier grapes make some of the world’s most exuberantly flavoured white wine.
Very Sexy Shiraz 2011
Grown in vineyards that have been described as “Shiraz Heaven”, this wine’s luscious fruit was accessorized with the very best French Oak.
The Very Posh Pinotage 2009
The Very Posh Pinotage is the pearl in the rough. A Medium bodied dark red Pinotage.
The Dark Side 2011
The Dark Side is all about hedonism – the pursuit of pleasure. A very well structured wine with rich black berry fruit and a firm finish.
Cloof Cellar Blend 2009
A wine to ward off evil spirits or an icy winter. Consisting mainly of press wine – the last drops pressed from the skins after fermentation – this blend is concentrated in the extreme.
Summertime 2014
How you spend your summer days – and nights – is your business, but we recommend Summertime Sauvignon Blanc as the perfect complement for all forms of easy livin'.
Inkspot Vin Noir 2010
Darling is a unique spot for growing grapes. In its deep clay soils, the roots of unirrigated vines burrow to depths of more than 8 metres in search of moisture
Cloof Duckitt 2011
The name of this wine commemorates William Duckitt, who settled in Darling in the early 1800s, and who was the scion of one of the region’s most prolific families.
Cloof Pinotage 2011
Our Pinotage continues a distinguished tradition. The '99 was crowned South Africa's Champion in 2002. The '03 was selected by SAA for First Class and the '05 made it into the ABSA Top Ten.
Cab Cult 2012
How would it be if a wine left the winery exactly as Mother Nature intended? No made-up coffee flavours. No stories about the grapes being crushed between the thighs of a red-haired virgin
Cloof 40 Days 2009
Ancient chenin blanc vines are a national treasure. This barrel-aged natural sweet Chenin Blanc has a soft peach aroma on the nose with a hint of lime
Cloof Merlot 2011
First time ever that Cloof has produced a 100% Merlot in its range. The unique style and quality of Cloof Wine is directly attributed to the fruit produced by the vineyards.
Cloof Lynchin 2010
The critical component – the lynchpin – in this blend is Merlot and Cabernet Franc, which gives the wine its lip-smacking, appetite-inducing freshness.
Ruby Darling 2013
The Ruby Darling was harvested from Cloof's acclaimed low-yield bush vines. With loads of spice, the Ruby Darling is still light enough for every day drinking..
Rose Darling 2013
Rosy Darling (Daisy’s baby sister) is a wine that goes through every day with a beaming smile. This Pinotage rose is really easy to drink and the most charming of company...
Daisy Chardonnay 2012
This wine is the wine! With freshness, flavour and zing, it will help you win friends, it'll refresh and delight.
Daisy Darling 2014
Daisy Darling 2014
This wine is the wine! With freshness, flavour and zing, it will help you win friends, it’ll refresh and delight. The style is unique, The experience sublime… make it your choice, Darling.

Come for lunch, wine tasting, game drive or nature walk
Welcome to Darlings greatest and undiscovered secret

The West Coast Village of Darling is home to artists, actors, retired financiers, farmers and other interesting people (we’d count ourselves amongst those). Even if the region geographically (not to mention demographically) is slightly off the beaten track, Darling’s annual wild flower show – showcasing a selection of the 1200 flowering species to be found here – makes it the focal point of the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Cloof’s oldest surviving vines were planted in 1966, with additional plantings in 1976 and 1987. In that time Darling, adjacent to the Swartland, was better known as a wheat farming region. A cellar was completed in time for the 1998 harvest, which allowed the first release of Cloof wines during the course of 1999. Vineyard area was significantly increased, with plantings every year from 1998 to 2000, bringing the total to 145 hectares. The 220 hectares of vineyards at neighbouring Burghers Post are under the same ownership, giving us unparalleled access to (and control over) top quality fruit.

In 2003 Darling was declared a wine region in it’s own right in recognition of the unique style and quality of wines grown here.

Our passion for bold, well-define flavours is expressed also in various food events at Cloof. Celebrating the best of country produce and simplicity in preparation, we see our wines as being their ideal complement. Afrikaans has a word, “gesellig” which best describes the happy mood that settles on a group when hospitality, good company, wine and food are brought together.

Anyone living near a town called Darling must be under suspicion of some degree of eccentricity. We haven’t (yet) started talking to our vines, but we take the view that each wine is unique, and that each one’s personality should be communicated in its packaging.

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 11:25 - Fatiema George

What’s happening in the cellar? 

July and August are traditionally the months where we are busy with removing the former vintages out of the barrels and transferring the new vintage into barrels. However this year we are a bit delayed, due to some special projects coming our way. 

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