Cloof win 2 Gold Medals in Germany!

Cloof have just won Gold Medals for both our Duckitt Bordeaux Blend 2018 and Inkspot 2017 through Deutsche Wein Marketing (DWM) in Germany! DWM has been setting standards for international wine competitions for 25 years. All tastings are not only under the patronage of the OIV but also under the auspices of the International Union of Oenologists (UIOE) and notary supervision. The DWM Wine Trophies are, therefore, considered to be among the most strictly controlled wine competitions worldwide. TO THE FUTURE! Telephone: +27 22 492 2839 Email: #Cloof #Cloofwines #CloofWineEstate #Darling #DarlingTourism #HelloDarling #wwfconschamps #Goldmedal

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