It is always important to look at the type of methodology which is applied in arriving at any particular wine classification. SAWi (South African Wine Index) went out to develop a methodology that fits the characteristics of luxury brands on which wine buying decisions for top market segments of wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs could be based. The Index represents a condensed window of a wine’s achievements at multi-national blind tastings over a 10-year period and identifies the best South African wines (those with multi-vintage scores of 93 and above). This occurs with the use of an ‘Algorithm of Excellence’ through which the results of blind tasting competitions are collated through exacting criteria, i.e. scoring wines according to competition status.

Wine quality in SA has increased dramatically and so has progress in authentication, typification and traceability of grapes and wines, making for a plethora of fine wines and styles. Despite this, of all wines classified since 2010 only 284 have scored 95+ points on a multi-vintage basis. We are very proud to announce that Cloof’s The Very Sexy Shiraz was one of these top achievers earning a fantastic 98 points (Platinum), with the Winemakers Selection Pinotage, Lynchpin and Shiraz each receiving over 94 points (Grand Gold).

Head winemaker, Hennie Huskisson says “Our success with SAWI is the result of the access we have to exceptional grapes, the investment we have made in our wine making team and our ability to constantly innovate and improve our cellar practices.”

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