Our wine is not only extremely popular in the local market, but also internationally. Those who visit South Africa and Cloof in particular often want to get hold of our wine once they’ve returned to their native countries. The South African wine palate is very unique and our wines impress all over the world. In order to provide our excellent wine all over the globe, we have distributors based in all continents. Choose your region below for full details.

For our trade partners, we have added an International Trade Portal where a large variety of information and downloads are now available to you. For more details on how to gain access to this feature, please email lester@cloof.co.za.






CANADA :: Vintage Wine Imports

The fine products of Cloof Wine Estates are found all over the world, even at the eastern-most edge of North America. There lies the 16th largest island on Earth, Newfoundland, a province of Canada.
Since 2007, Cloof has been exporting wines into that part of the world. Vintage Wine Imports (VWI) serves as the Newfoundland agent for Cloof, and VWI’s Sally Ackerman says the Cloof products have been a welcome addition to the local market.

“We first introduced Cloof to Newfoundland with the Dusty Road product line and found that on quality and price, the wines were very competitive,” said Ms. Ackerman. Over the ensuing years, VWI has introduced several other Cloof wines to the market. The available product line now includes Dark Side, Inkspot, Cab Cult, Cellar Blend, The Very Sexy Shiraz and Duckitt Collection.

Newfoundland has a population of just over 500,000 people spread over a large area (405,212 square kilometres). In comparison, that is about one-third the land mass of South Africa.

Ms. Ackerman explained that there is a comprehensive beverage distribution network that is operated by the Newfoundland Liquor Commission (NLC), a government monopoly [alcoholic beverage distribution by government monopoly is the norm across Canada].
“Getting Cloof into that distribution network and into the retail stores was our first challenge,” she said. “And then, once the wines were on the shelves, we knew that promotion would drive customers to Cloof products.”

Wines had traditionally held only a small share of the overall Newfoundland beverage market. But that started to change about a decade ago with the creation of a local wine exhibition/tasting festival. Today that event attracts close to 3,000 local wine lovers annually.
“We saw the Newfoundland Wine Fest as the perfect place to introduce and promote the Cloof wines to this growing market,” said Ms. Ackerman. “The first thing that consumers noted was the quality of the wines, and we could match that with competitive prices.”

In addition to the annual wine festival, Ms. Ackerman says that regular in-store tastings are designed to keep the Cloof wines top of mind for local wine consumers.
“It’s a constant challenge,” she says. “For a small market, there is a lot of competition in the wine business from other wineries in South Africa, South America, Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada.  At the larger local stores more than half of the available shelf space is taken up with wines. For us to have six Cloof products in the South Africa section of the store is a testament to the ongoing interest in our wines.”

Ms. Ackerman says that visits by Cloof international marketing representatives have augmented the brand in Newfoundland.
“Cloof’s visits have enhanced our relationship with the retailer and with local wine consumers,” she said. “Cloof representatives have participated in the annual Wine Fest, sharing their knowledge of the wines with the local consumers, and during these visits they have even led a pairing dinner featuring Cloof wines that we have arranged in co-operation with a local chef. Having someone from South Africa and Cloof lead a tasting adds value for discerning Newfoundland wine consumers.”

As part of her outreach to the companies she represents internationally, Ms. Ackerman has visited the Cloof Wine Estate and has also met with owners Roger and Catherine Sandiford. “The Cloof people, from the owners to Peter Duckitt, to the wine makers, production personnel and marketers – you make a first-rate team that delivers a world-class product, and I’m proud to represent Cloof in my part of Canada,” says Ms. Ackerman.

As for the future, Ms. Ackerman says the outlook for Cloof in the Newfoundland market remains steady. “We always have room to grow, and we have advantages given the fundamentals of the Cloof wines – the people behind the brand, the quality of the product and the pricing.”

GERMANY :: Curry Wines

After a long carreer in the hotel industry and working as an air hostess, my wife Stefanie started importing wines from Portugal with no experience, very little knowledge about wine and almost no money. Armed with only a trolley, we visited several restaurants and outlets throughout Munich to complete our research. After a difficult start and long reflection as to what wines were to be considered, we managed to import the first pallet from Portugal in 2002.

A year later we had imported our first palette from South Africa, the country to which we had lost our heart to. Shortly thereafter, we secured a contract with Lufthansa Airlines and for 8 years we were the exclusive providers of wine to all Lufthansa Airport lounges.

Together with the first Lufthansa contract came our first internet shop, www.wein-deko.de

From then on things developed organically in small steps, with little help from financial institutions. Looking back now, I am very pleased with how steadily the company has progressed.

Today we offer a big portfolio of Portuguese wines as well as more than 1.000 labels from major South African producers, including Cloof Wine Estate.
We now offer the largest portfolio of SA wines, outside South Africa, via a range of  different internet shops including currywines.de and

We have found the most fullfilling professional challenge within this beautiful industry and it is a privilage to live the life we love so much.
We can’t imagine doing anything else and look forward to continueing steady growth.

A special thank you to everyone that believed in us and contributed to our little success story.

Wishing you all the best!
Stefanie & Thomas Curry
Curry Premium Wines oHG 



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