WWF Conservation Champion badge_portrait


WWF Conservation Champion (The Biodiversity in Wine Initiative) is a partnership between the South African wine industry and the conservation sector aimed at protecting the Cape’s rich floral kingdom. In 2006 Cloof Wine Estate and Burgherspost (Cloof’s neighbouring farm) were awarded WWF Conservation Champion status in recognition of the steps we’ve taken to conserve pristine natural vegetation and to rehabilitate previously cultivated areas. The program also sets very strict standards in terms of the potential environmental impact of the vineyard and cellar activities. We are one of only 38 wine producers, of the 980+ in South Africa WWF Conservation Champions.

WIETA COMPLIANT (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trade Association)

We are compliant to the strict code of practice laid down by WIETA, the South African wine industry association committed to ethical trade in this sector. We have been recognized and awarded this important accreditation by ensuring all labour laws are followed and that we perform as well as trade in an ethical and professional way.

IPW APPROVED (Integrated Production of Wine)

IPW is a voluntary environmental sustainability scheme established by the South African wine industry in 1998.The scheme complies with international wine industry environmental sustainability criteria including the ‘Global Wine Sector Environmental Sustainability Principles’. In 2006, we were recognized for preserving the farm surroundings in an ecological way and so have received IPW approval.